Monday, 30 May 2011

Ooooooh Jewellery

I hope you're all making the most of your bank holiday Monday today. I'm off later to Bodean's to celebrate one of my friends getting a new job which in itself is WICKED... but to make it even more brillzo there will be RIBS, RIBS, RIBS... and I love ribs! :D

*ahem* moving on, you don't really need to know about my unhealthy (and they are unhealthy when I cover them all in BBQ sauce) obsession with pork products... what you do need to know about however is the frankly superb amount of funky jewellery that is available online at the moment. 

I am one of those people that obsesses over which necklace to wear with which outfit... and does it match my earrings? I never used to be this way, I was quite normal and used to only wear a necklace if I remembered... I blame Tatty Devine for my jewellery issues... I don't really blame them... I LOVE THEM FOR IT!

Anyhoo, there are dozens of fab online jewellery websites bursting with kitsch jewellery, I've collected a few of my favourites below:

So where does all this loveliness reside, well here of course:

1.Accessorize Alphabet Dice Eclectic Stud Earrings - £6.00
2.Tatty Devine Cartoon Eyes Rings - £30.00
3.Rock n Rose Scrabble Ring - £5.00
4.Aldo Rodneya Plastic Bracelets - £10
5.Dolly Dagger Fondant Fancy Earrings - £24.50
6.Punky Pins Lolita Bow Brooch - £4.80
7.Love From Hetty & Dave Cupcake Brooch - £8.00 Each
8.PPB Ethnic Coloured Bangle - £13.00 Each
9.Doodllery Goon Brooch - £15.00
10.Chelsea Doll Camera Ring - £8.00
11.Mary Mary Handmade Happy Popsicle Necklace - £26.00
12.She Draws Hello Earrings - £6.00

Some of my favourite pieces are the Scrabble ring (I have a few of these myself) and the Fondant Fancy earrings from Dolly Dagger - you all know how much I love Fondant Fancies! :D

There we have it, fun, funky jewellery to brighten up any outfit... why not, especially as one of the biggest trends this summer is brights and bolds!


Thursday, 26 May 2011

What's in your bag?

So, I'm a bit of a mix of emotions today - my gorgeous Lulu Guinness handbag has spontaneously combust on me! I was happily strolling along yesterday and felt something hit my foot... the blooming clasp that closed the bag had taken a dive and I couldn't reattach it. As I've only had the bag for 4 months I decided to send my tale of woe direct to the source so pinged a grovelling email to Lulu Guinness. Imagine my surprise when I got a response today telling me to send the bag back to them so that they can fix it or replace it - I'm really pleased and can't wait to have it back all fighting fit again!

Due to my handbag malfunction I'm currently I'm sitting on the floor with one of my replacement handbags going through all the crap that I lug around with me on a daily basis - I really do carry a lot of STUFF! 

This got me thinking about the sensible things that I should take with me, so in true blogger style I've collected together the following essentials and stuck them here for your perusal - enjoy:

So where do all these lovely bits and bobs come from...

1.Jaeger Daisy Print Bag - £99
2.Waldo Pancake Hairbrush & Comb Set - £6.50
3.Pretty City London Leather Wallet - £22
4.The Bright Side Address Book - £8.50
5.Rob Ryan Cosmetic Bag - £18
6.Moomin Compact Mirror - £7
7.Sugar Hotel Panda-Saur Badge - £0.80
8.Soap & Glory Hand Food - £2.35
9.Topshop Glaze in Antique (Rose) - £6
10.D&G Cut Out Keyring - £65
11.Mr Sneeze Tissues - £1.20
12.Stabo Leather Camera Travel Card Holder - £7

The bits that I can't live without are probably the travel card holder as living in London you always need your cards handy for the tube and overground trains. Also a small hairbrush is a must have, especially as the rain makes my hair all frizzy and mad. Always have lip gloss handy as it's one of the quickest ways to make yourself look a little bit made-up, that and eye-liner  Tissues and hand cream are no-brainers as I always need a bloomin' tissue and I constantly keep my hands topped up with Soap and Glory joy, not only does it make my hands nice and soft, but it smells of pure loveliness! 

What do you keep in your handbag, is it all actually important? Maybe you should have a clear-out too... your shoulders will thank you! :)


Monday, 23 May 2011

Sunny Days and Holidays

I'm back from a work weekend away at a massive abbey/hotel in Coventry. The weekend was good fun and mainly consisted of lots of meetings and lots and lots of alcohol - I'm on holiday today to recover! Regardless of the stunning weather outside I am in my house in my pjs catching up on crap telly and of course - shopping online. 

I can't help but notice that the high street shops are bursting with holiday wear at the moment. Even though I'm not going on holiday until later in the year, I'm totally getting sucked in to all of the denim shorts and vest tops that are out there... I can't help it! :)

With the sunny sunshine in mind, here are a few choice picks for wearing either on your holiday or just out and about... lovely weather permitting!

So where are these bits from...

1.H&M Lace Trim Vest Top - £6.99
2.H&M Polka Dot Jersey T-Shirt - £7.99
3.Pepe Denim Shorts - £55
4.Warehouse Tortoiseshell Sunglasses - £15
5.ASOS Monochrome Bow Ballet Pumps - £25
6.Alexander McQueen Pashmina Scarf - £245
7.Paul’s Boutique Molly Bag - £56
8.Tatty Devine Record Earrings - £27
9.Chelsea Doll Rocky the Bunny Ring - £11

I am in love with the new range of bags at Paul's Boutique, check them out if you get a chance as they really are fab!

Also a new website find for me is - which is bursting with kitsch jewellery and vintage pieces.

I hope you all have a great week!


Thursday, 19 May 2011

Lovely Lovely Oasis

Sometimes you just see something and it makes you grin, not just a smile, but a full on GRIN, a silly googly goofball grin - I did that today at the 'New In' section on the Oasis website -

I love Oasis clothes and always have, they just get it so right when it comes to lovely ladylike STUFF! Great colours, great patterns, flattering shapes and styles, they've got it all, and this weeks 'New In' is no exception.

I've picked a few of my favourite pieces to parade on my blog post:

So, obviously you know where it all comes from, but you don't know the prices... now you do...

1.Oasis 70s Twill Button Through Skirt - £45
2.Oasis Crinkle Cotton Lace Top - £35
3.Oasis Coloured Cherry Crop Jean - £45
4.Oasis Turnlock Cross Body Leather Bag - £50
5.Oasis Simple Strappy Sandal - £25
6.Oasis Butterfly Angel Sleeve Dress- £75
7.Oasis Engineered Butterfly Print Scarf - £18
8.Oasis Pretty Mixed Bead Bracelet - £12
9.Oasis Large Peony Corsage - £8
10. Oasis Pleated Flower Stretch Ring - £10


I'm totally buying that 70's button through skirt, it's fab-a-roo!

I hope you all have fab weekends, whatever you do. :)


Saturday, 14 May 2011

Cute and Casual

So so so, I hope you're all having lovely weekends. I've got my sister staying with me while my other half is cycling around Wales so this weekend has pretty much involved a lot of junk food and horror films, it's been ace!

I've been in a real casual clothing mood recently, that's probably due to casual Friday's at work and also due to all of the stunning casual clothes that are popping up on the high street at the moment. I've collected together some of my favourite pieces along with a wicked wallet to celebrate Friday being TOP GUN DAY! :)

I've got a bit of a thing about navy at the moment so I was always going to be drawn to the super skirt from H&M. Also I've chosen a few pink pieces to break up the more muted tones of brown, grey and navy, I think it works well. 

So where did these bits come from:

1.H&M Flared Pleated Skirt - £19.99
2.Radley Sanderstead Shoes - £150
3.NW3 Nightingale Sweater - £69
4.Accessorize Nautical Spotty Alice Band - £3.50
5.Zara Round Handbag - £79.99
6.ASOS Sixties Geometric Pattern Cuff - £8
7.Breo Venture Watch Rubine Red - £15
8.Mulberry Leather Heart Key Fob - £51
9.Balcony Shirts Top Gun Wallet - £15

There we go, pretty pieces for a bit of a casual weekend look.


Sunday, 8 May 2011

Gentle Fawn - Spring/Summer 2011

I hope you've all had terrific weekends! I was baby showering it up yesterday at a friends house which was fun, we ate far too much and had a super time and now I'm having a quick break to type this before getting back on the fitness mission and playing EA Sports (it's in the game) on the Kinect.

While having a sit down I thought I'd check up on one of my favourite brands so I wandered over to Gentle Fawn's website to have a gander at their Spring/Summer collection for this year -

Gentle Fawn was founded in 2003 by Daniel and Carla Hogg, and their contemporary collection is one of my favourites because it's lady-like loveliness mixed with a stylishly edgier... well edge! :)

Check it out:

I'm particularly excited about Gentle Fawn's Spring/Summer collection for 2011 as I think it's probably the best collection of clothes and accessories they've ever had (in my humble opinion). There is so much choice and every piece is an elegantly-wrapped bundle of beauty. I've picked out some of my favourite pieces below, I hope you like them too:

So there we have it - Gentle Fawn. If you haven't heard of them before, check 'em out.


Thursday, 5 May 2011

Feelin' Blue

As the title of this post would suggest I'm feeling a bit blue today. After being back at work for only a few days I'm already knackered and lamenting the lack of a four day weekend. Working late the past couple of nights has also affected my blogging somewhat, so do excuse the sort but sweet post today.

My work wardrobe has been mainly blue this week so with that in mind I decided to post a few lovely bits and bobs with a huey blueyness (those aren't real words)!

Where do these nice things come from, here you go:

1.NW3 Paisley Stripe Shirt - £79
2.Reiss Jack Capri Trouser Navy - £89
3.Kurt Geiger Erika Tan £150
4.Pret a Portobello Alphabet Bags - £10
5.MinaUK Tatum Scarf - £15
6.ASOS Lowie Skinny Belt – £32
7.Joules Amicia Necklace - £25
8.Accessorize Enchanted Bella Statement Ring £10.80
9.Oasis 2 Pack of Chiffon Flowers - £4

I love the alphabet bag, it's slogan makes me chuckle! :)

I hope you're all having a better week than me.

Roll on Friday!


Monday, 2 May 2011

Pink & Cream

Wow what a great weekend - lots of sunshine, drinks with friends, good food and shopping, who could ask for anything more! :)

I brought my hubby a Kinect for his birthday so we've both been leaping around the living room playing crazy games, that would probably go some way to explaining why I'm typing so gingerly - my arms hurt so much! Haha

Anyhoo, to fashion and general loveliness. As you've probably noticed from my previous posts I've got a thing about pink - It's not so bad that I would consider decorating my entire car in fluffy pink accessories, but I do like to fit the colour into my outfits quite a bit. I think it's a cheery colour and compliments quite a lot of skin tones, which is always a bonus.

With that in mind I've collected together a few items which I think are suitably pink and pretty:

1.Closet Fit & Flare Pink Dress - £42
2.Carvela Clue Wedges - £100
3.ASOS Pieces Taverna Bow Skinny Belt - £7
4.Mulberry Triple Bangles £199
5.NW3 Flower Brooch - £19
6.Oasis Polka Dot Lurex Scarf - £20
7.Mango Handbag M Grey T4TC - £59.90
8.Tatty Devine Envelope Necklace - £24
9.Jaeger Knot Ring - £35
10.Rosantica Capri 24-Karat Gold-Dipped Bead Drop Earrings - £165

Ahhh lovely things.