Monday, 25 April 2011

Postcard it up!

So, I've been looking around for a new clutch bag and I've really been struggling, mainly because I didn't just want any old clutch bag - I wanted a clutch with an envelope/postcard style to it.

After narrowing down my searching I can up with this glorious Lulu Guinness number:

It's so pretty and I really do love the postcard/envelope styling of this clutch... however, because it's Lulu Guinness it has a bit of a price tag attached... £225 - Eep!

This is the second option... Yves Saint Laurent have also gone along the postcard/envelope theme with this lovely patent clutch... obviously this is also a bit on the pricey side at £270.

Right... well... two delight clutches, both over £200 worth of monies... hmmm... is there a cheaper option I wonder?

THERE IS! Introducing Paper Planes beautiful bags of JOY...

Hazah! This is a Paper Planes purse and is really cute! It's also a bit of a bargain at £10.99. I love the gorgeous detailing on this bag, the little heart stamp and the air mail sticker are fab.

This is another number from Paper Planes, it's a lovely bag and costs £16.99! The little bow on this bag is delightful and I love the 'Buy Buy Baby' text.

And last but not least...

This beautiful overnight bag is also from Paper Planes and is a real bargain at £41.99! I think the map design on this bag is great and I really like the little envelope pocket on the front - it's all in the detailing my friends! :)

So there we go, fab designer bags for when you're feeling a bit flush... but bargain beauts for when you're tightening the purse strings a bit!



  1. Oh my gosh! I didn't even know about these! You've now introduced me to something that I will hunt down till I find.. Do you think they will have some facsimile at Accessorize? Hope you had a lovely Easter! x

  2. I love these. I was actually fooled by the first two. Thanks for sharing the photos and drop by me too, soon.


  3. great selection. they all good fabulous.

  4. I adore these YSL items- so fun.

  5. What a cute post ! I have seen a make up clutch from Cargo with a postcard layout a few weeks ago at Sephora. The idea of a clutch like that is pretty ! Thanks for sharing ! xoxox