Sunday, 26 June 2011

Home Babah!

Well, what a busy weekend. I've been a bit quiet on the blogging-front because I've been concentrating on the housing-front instead. Thankfully we've put an offer in on a house and it's been accepted so exciting times are afoot! Blimey, I'm going to be a home-owner, scary stuff! With that in mind, I've been mainly looking at home-ware websites this weekend for fun things to potentially put in my new home... here are a few of the bits I've seen and thought were fun...

Fun and funky things, love it all!

So where does all this stuff come from...

1.Goodwin + Goodwin Design Bookend - £15
2.Retro 1960s Trimphone - £40
3.Hive Twig Hanger - Small - £25
4.Atomic Coat Rack - £19
5.The Original  Metal Box Company Dear Mats - £13
6.Helena Carrington Campervan Cushion - £25
7.Make International Ltd Bucket Mug - £13
8.Fields of Blue Vintage Style Letters - £25
9.Argent of London Fun Festival Watch - £36
10.Karlsson Rainbow Clock - £26
11.Arash + Kelly Big Red Hook Clip - £19

I can't wait to move! :D


Sunday, 19 June 2011

Pretty in Pink

Yikes it's Sunday! How did that happen? My weekend has been a whirlwind of house hunting and viewings, my brain has essentially been turned to goo by estate agents lies and unnecessary pressure to view properties which need too much work for too much money - why don't they ever listen!?

*ahem* rant over, and a break from Rightmove is needed.

This is just a speedy post full of precious things that I have dubbed - Pretty in Pink. 

Ahhh totes, how much I love thee! I always refer to my handbag as the 'bag of tricks' so I think I'll be purchasing that gorgeous tote!

I also am addicted to visiting Kiss Me Zombie for super unique pieces of jewellery. Check them out if you're into cute and kitsch stuff. I've got some lightening bolt earrings and cassette tape earrings that I can't wait to arrive in my post!

Here's the shopping bit:

1.Bag of Tricks Tote Bag - £10
2.Lazy Oaf Bonjour Bebe Card - £2.75
3.Hazel Nicholls What’s Inside - £40
4.Showler & Showler Cupcake Canvas - £49.99
5.Kiss Me Zombie ‘Tea Time’ Ring - £6.96
6.Sagaform Martini Glasses x 4 - £22.98

I hope you've all had fab weekends and wished your dads a very Happy Fathers Day!


Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Candy-floss Mind

Right. I've been told by one of my friends that while my blog is good and fun, there isn't nearly enough mindless chatter from me. I pointed out that this is a fashion blog, not a blog about my candy-floss mind, but apparently that isn't good enough. So to shut up my critic, here are some of the brain-farts that I've had today:

1. Eating too many salt and vinegar Snack a Jack's has made my lips feel weird and tingly

2. The new series of Teen Wolf will undoubtedly make me very sad and also make me pine to own the original Teen Wolf on DVD, ah Michael J. Fox, you were so young and 80's-a-fied

3. Wonders why wherever I stand on an empty train platform people always gather around me like I have explicit train knowledge and know exactly where the doors are going to open - I like to think it's because I look wise and worldly?!

4. Can't help but think in my head 'She's got huge tracts of land' every time I see a well-endowed woman

5. Wonders how long it will be before all of the cats on my street rise up and take over the world, they all have shifty eyes

6. Thought how amazing it would be if there was an entire day dedicated to The Princess Bride - but that would probably be inconceivable

7. Wishes that my office had a micro pig as some sort of team mascot... I would call him Bacon

8. Wonders if my list of things I'm looking for in a new house should be increased beyond - 'Must have a really kick-ass bathtub' and 'Living room needs enough room for Kinect and surround sound'

9. I am suspicious of this 'limited edition' blue Skittle... it's odd... is it supposed to taste of Facebook... I don't get the connection

10. Can a person eat too many carrots..? If so, how many is too many!?

If that's not good enough, have a picture list of THINGS that I like and like to do...

Happy now you bloody bum-head!?


Monday, 13 June 2011

Tee and Toast

So, so, so, it's a new week and a new post. I've decided to dedicate this entire post to yammering on about a website which I've recently Googled across...

I've got a bit of a thing for funky t-shirt websites, but this one really takes the cake. Not only is it an awesome t-shirt website, but it's also bursting with cool cards, magnificent mugs, brilliant badges and pretty postcards. All of the gorgeous items on this website come from the brain department of owner and designer Claire who started the Tee and Toast website in April 2005. 

I've picked out a few of my favourite t-shirt designs below... take a look at these lovelies:

These fab t-shirts are all £20 and come in an array of bright colours and fantastic prints.

Here are a few of the other funky bits and bobs which are also available on the website, check out the cards, which are particularly fun and don't forget to check out the website for more designs - they have some super cards for Father's Day:

I'm in love with the giant button brooches and will certainly be adding them to my shopping list.

Here's the info/pricing bit:

1.Giant Button Brooch - £5
2.Owl Always Love You Card - £2.85
3.Custom Mug - £10.95
4.Postcard Set - £3.50

If you haven't checked out Tee and Toast already, what are you waiting for you nutters...

...go, go GO!


Saturday, 11 June 2011

Darling it's Dahlia

I'm taking a small break for house hunting to write a post... my brain needs a moment of clothing joy and an escape from the world of estate agent exaggerations, sale-speak and location, location, location! 

When I need a little pick me up in the form of clothing loveliness without fail, I always start at the same website...

There's just something about their collection of gloriously gorgeous frocks and accessories that makes me go all gooey in the leg department. Check out these beauts:

Ooooh they're all so precious and perfect for summer.

Here's the detail-y bit:

1.Fixed Layer Print Shorts - £58
2.Tie Waist Bird Print Dress - £62
3.Belted Spotty Dress - £58
4.Ditsy Floral Belted Dress - £60
5.Spotty Tie Waist Dress - £55
6.Stripy Dress  - £55

So there we go, lovely things to froth up my mind with for a few minutes..., back to the grind.


Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Feminine Brights

Eeep, I am knackered. I've started back at the gym today after months of slacking and it was pretty hard going getting back into it... but what has brought on this sudden health kick, I hear your cry... the sunshine my friends - I'm getting fit so I can flash a bit of flesh on my holidays. Hazah! :D

As the weather has been so bloomin' nice recently that I've been checking out my summer wardrobe and debating what to wear over the coming months. I've got a fair amount of stuff to pick from, but there are one or two items which I would like to add to my collection... mainly an over the knee pleated skirt and a mesh vest top. There is something very flattering about the new longer-length skirts, they're very lady-like and also so versatile as you can easily dress it up or down.

I've taken a bit of a shine to the bright and bold trend which is still in full effect, but I also love flatteringly feminine looks... so, I've combined to two - mwahaha.

Have a look at this:

Ooooh it's all so lovely!

1.River Island Bright Coral Pleated Skirt - £34.99
2.Topshop Cream Lace Border Mesh Top - £28
3.Joules Amicia Necklace - £25
4.Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Skyscrapers - £130
5.Zara Mini Cesta Bag - £19.99
6.She Draws Envelope Earrings - £6
7.PPB Retro Stripe Sunglasses - £12
8.PPB Gold Flower Brooch - £12
9.Accessorize Painted Embossed Bangle - £6
10.Joules Harper Scarf - £29

So there we have it, lovely lady-stuff meets bright, bright, brights!


Saturday, 4 June 2011

Maison Scotch

Happy Saturday! I'm sitting on the sofa in my pjs watching Saturday Kitchen and feeling slightly hungover after a night of drinking and cinema, to watch... quite conveniently Hangover 2! Haha

I've been snooping around on Asos looking at precious things and I've re-discovered a love for Maison Scotch. Their tees and tops are just gorgeous. I love the fun slogans, the soft materials, the pastel colours and the flattering fit of their clothes... check 'em out:

So, so very pretty!

Here are the details:

1.Femmes De Paris Crop Top £80
2.Printed Vest & Granddad Top £69
3.Nes Pa Tee - £42
4.Tribal Tunic Shirt - £94

Love it.


Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Pepe Jeans - Warhol Collection

Ooooh mid-week, it's a tough one, but we're halfway through!

I've been snooping around websites again and have to say that I'm really enjoying Pepe Jeans Warhol Collection. I've always liked Andy Warhol's paintings, (something about pop art bananas makes me grin) so I figured I'd put a few pictures on here from the campaign and from Pepe's SS11 campaign for you all to enjoy:

I really like the new SS/11 campaign on Pepe's website, the black and white pictures are very classic and make me excited for the summery sunshine we have ahead of us! They have a gorgeous collection of summery dresses and as always fabulously-flattering-fit jeans.

This is something I have cobbled together to show of the best of the Warhol Collection. I particularly love the iconic Campbell's Tomato Soup picture transformed into a cheeky summer dress - such a great idea and totally fits in with the bright and bold trend, I mean, what's more bright and bold than POP ART!?

What do you all think? If you're interested check out the Pepe website for more lovely bits -