Saturday, 9 July 2011

Go Go Go!

Right. So, I've decided to make my life a little bit difficult! Haha

I've noticed that I've started posting more house-y stuff on this blog, it's mainly because it's dominating my Google searches at the moment. As this is a fashion blog, I've decided to start another blog dedicated to home-wares, with a little bit of fashion and other bits and bobs thrown in for good measure. It's called Fandabbydozie and it's here...

I've started it on a different account so if I'm following you on here/you're following me on here, you're probably not following this blog. If you visit it, and like it, please feel free to follow me on there too... 

So back to regular posting on here, I've been on Asos again drooling at lovely patterned prints...

Ooooh they're all so lovely! Especially that Jaeger skirt... I want it so so bad!

1.Asos Vintage Star Print Culottes - £15
2.Asos Spot Rose Print Swing Top - £25
3.Oasis Cape Sleeve Poppy Print Blouse - £42
4.Primp Anchor Print Trapeze Tunic - £25
5.Boutique by Jaeger Flower Skirt - £75

Hazah, I hope you all have a wicked weekend.


Sunday, 3 July 2011

Festival Chic

Argh I'm so hungover! My other half has left me to go and source out some food for a roast so I'm currently curled up on the sofa feeling rather sorry for myself. Still, it was a great weekend full of shopping, good company, good food, mediocre boxing and too much booze, so I can't complain too much.

Apologies that my posts of late have been leaning towards the home-ware more than fashion. As my brain is on home-mode it's dominating my Google searches, therefore it's dominating my blog! Haha

To pop back into the fashion zone I'm going to drop a quick post about festivals. It's that time of year when it's all kicking off and the fields are full of music, tents and wellies. With that in mind I've brought together a collection of a few nice bits so you can be a festival fashionista...

Hazah! Did you know that Hunter have got together with Jimmy Choo to create the ultimate in fashion wellington chic... madness!

So where does all this stuff come from...

1.Hunter & Jimmy Choo Biker Wellies - £255
2.Reiss Rowan Straw Boater Hat - £39
3.Alexander McQueen Black/Pink Skull Scarf - £165
4.J Brand 901 Low-Rise Stretch Denim Leggings - £160
5.Reiss Gala Embellished Nude Tee - £59
6.Jaeger Crystal Detail Sunglasses - £49
7.Marc by Marc Jacobs Leather Buckle Bracelet - £80
8.Vivienne Westwood Diamond Orb Bag - £290
9.Alexander McQueen Enamel Skull Ring - £65

What sort of festival to you gravitate towards?


So many options...