Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Candy-floss Mind

Right. I've been told by one of my friends that while my blog is good and fun, there isn't nearly enough mindless chatter from me. I pointed out that this is a fashion blog, not a blog about my candy-floss mind, but apparently that isn't good enough. So to shut up my critic, here are some of the brain-farts that I've had today:

1. Eating too many salt and vinegar Snack a Jack's has made my lips feel weird and tingly

2. The new series of Teen Wolf will undoubtedly make me very sad and also make me pine to own the original Teen Wolf on DVD, ah Michael J. Fox, you were so young and 80's-a-fied

3. Wonders why wherever I stand on an empty train platform people always gather around me like I have explicit train knowledge and know exactly where the doors are going to open - I like to think it's because I look wise and worldly?!

4. Can't help but think in my head 'She's got huge tracts of land' every time I see a well-endowed woman

5. Wonders how long it will be before all of the cats on my street rise up and take over the world, they all have shifty eyes

6. Thought how amazing it would be if there was an entire day dedicated to The Princess Bride - but that would probably be inconceivable

7. Wishes that my office had a micro pig as some sort of team mascot... I would call him Bacon

8. Wonders if my list of things I'm looking for in a new house should be increased beyond - 'Must have a really kick-ass bathtub' and 'Living room needs enough room for Kinect and surround sound'

9. I am suspicious of this 'limited edition' blue Skittle... it's odd... is it supposed to taste of Facebook... I don't get the connection

10. Can a person eat too many carrots..? If so, how many is too many!?

If that's not good enough, have a picture list of THINGS that I like and like to do...

Happy now you bloody bum-head!?



  1. Hehe love the post, it's always interesting to know random thoughts and likes/dislikes of a person. ;)

    The Cat Hag

  2. I absolutely loved reading this. witty and intelligently executed! well done.

  3. I happen to like this post! Brain farts are always appreciated. :) I feel like it makes the blogger more of a person and a friend.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  4. Love this! Personally, I don't think you can eat too many carrots, but you should probably stop when you start seeing everything in orange!