Sunday, 19 June 2011

Pretty in Pink

Yikes it's Sunday! How did that happen? My weekend has been a whirlwind of house hunting and viewings, my brain has essentially been turned to goo by estate agents lies and unnecessary pressure to view properties which need too much work for too much money - why don't they ever listen!?

*ahem* rant over, and a break from Rightmove is needed.

This is just a speedy post full of precious things that I have dubbed - Pretty in Pink. 

Ahhh totes, how much I love thee! I always refer to my handbag as the 'bag of tricks' so I think I'll be purchasing that gorgeous tote!

I also am addicted to visiting Kiss Me Zombie for super unique pieces of jewellery. Check them out if you're into cute and kitsch stuff. I've got some lightening bolt earrings and cassette tape earrings that I can't wait to arrive in my post!

Here's the shopping bit:

1.Bag of Tricks Tote Bag - £10
2.Lazy Oaf Bonjour Bebe Card - £2.75
3.Hazel Nicholls What’s Inside - £40
4.Showler & Showler Cupcake Canvas - £49.99
5.Kiss Me Zombie ‘Tea Time’ Ring - £6.96
6.Sagaform Martini Glasses x 4 - £22.98

I hope you've all had fab weekends and wished your dads a very Happy Fathers Day!



  1. Love it all! Esp the tote!

  2. Wow! Thanks :D
    (elena from kissmezombie)

  3. Such adorable items I would love to have them all. House hunting sounds exciting

  4. I am following your blog for the mere reason that my name is Danielle, too. And I think you should follow my blog solely based on Danielle Solidarity.

  5. these are so cute!! love the tote!!

  6. Oh my gosh how cute are all of these?! I love that little cupcake canvas - it might be too delicious to leave hanging on the wall! ;)

    sorelle in style

  7. Love the Ruassian doll pattern.

  8. Every item is soooo cute! :)