Saturday, 14 May 2011

Cute and Casual

So so so, I hope you're all having lovely weekends. I've got my sister staying with me while my other half is cycling around Wales so this weekend has pretty much involved a lot of junk food and horror films, it's been ace!

I've been in a real casual clothing mood recently, that's probably due to casual Friday's at work and also due to all of the stunning casual clothes that are popping up on the high street at the moment. I've collected together some of my favourite pieces along with a wicked wallet to celebrate Friday being TOP GUN DAY! :)

I've got a bit of a thing about navy at the moment so I was always going to be drawn to the super skirt from H&M. Also I've chosen a few pink pieces to break up the more muted tones of brown, grey and navy, I think it works well. 

So where did these bits come from:

1.H&M Flared Pleated Skirt - £19.99
2.Radley Sanderstead Shoes - £150
3.NW3 Nightingale Sweater - £69
4.Accessorize Nautical Spotty Alice Band - £3.50
5.Zara Round Handbag - £79.99
6.ASOS Sixties Geometric Pattern Cuff - £8
7.Breo Venture Watch Rubine Red - £15
8.Mulberry Leather Heart Key Fob - £51
9.Balcony Shirts Top Gun Wallet - £15

There we go, pretty pieces for a bit of a casual weekend look.



  1. this is such an adorable outfit

  2. I am into the skirt and bag <3 Just lovely. xx Charlotte

  3. COol, luve da look!

  4. Great selection, so chic!!!Especially I love the shoes!

  5. lovely shoes and bags! <3

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  7. So far loving these outfits that you've coordinated :D Aww man all these items on this post is something I would want. ;A;

    By the way, I'm following back, looking forward to your future posts!

  8. Thank you so much! Your blog is fab as well. Would you like to follow each other? *v*

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  10. the bow is super adorable <3

  11. awww thanksss & suree hehe. following youu ~

  12. Love your blog.
    Can we follow each other?