Thursday, 19 May 2011

Lovely Lovely Oasis

Sometimes you just see something and it makes you grin, not just a smile, but a full on GRIN, a silly googly goofball grin - I did that today at the 'New In' section on the Oasis website -

I love Oasis clothes and always have, they just get it so right when it comes to lovely ladylike STUFF! Great colours, great patterns, flattering shapes and styles, they've got it all, and this weeks 'New In' is no exception.

I've picked a few of my favourite pieces to parade on my blog post:

So, obviously you know where it all comes from, but you don't know the prices... now you do...

1.Oasis 70s Twill Button Through Skirt - £45
2.Oasis Crinkle Cotton Lace Top - £35
3.Oasis Coloured Cherry Crop Jean - £45
4.Oasis Turnlock Cross Body Leather Bag - £50
5.Oasis Simple Strappy Sandal - £25
6.Oasis Butterfly Angel Sleeve Dress- £75
7.Oasis Engineered Butterfly Print Scarf - £18
8.Oasis Pretty Mixed Bead Bracelet - £12
9.Oasis Large Peony Corsage - £8
10. Oasis Pleated Flower Stretch Ring - £10


I'm totally buying that 70's button through skirt, it's fab-a-roo!

I hope you all have fab weekends, whatever you do. :)



  1. No problem. Following you now~ :3

  2. i really like the white sandels!!! super cool

  3. The dress and that skirt really made me grin, a full on toothy one! Lovely blog *following*.


  4. Hi Danielle thanks for the great comment esp re Frankie! Your outfit posts are great - i like the way fashion has come round and is quite matchy tonal again sometimes with a splash of something - who would have thought it x

  5. oh that yellow bag is adorable! and it looks just the right size to fit all of my carry-around things

    sorelle in style

  6. your blog is so cute!!!

    please follow me on bloglovin

  7. hi danielle! thank you for your comment on mi bog! Of curse!! I'm following you right now! If
    you want do the same!